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MCM Create A Caption

Your weekend caption contest continues!

Rob Carr

It's the weekend, which means another go-around of the create-a-caption. With the Titans having started training camp yesterday, we are finally getting close to real football again. That said, it's still the of-season as far as viewers are concerned, so we'll be continuing the caption contest right up until the pre-season.

Last week's contest was won handily by "stoked_byznblu", with 24+ recs to his credit. Can anyone top that this weekend?

Today's caption comes courtesy of our favorite rival franchise running back, Ray Rice. I know I've picked on his before this off-season, but in the wake of his historically mild punishment from the league for battering his wife, I felt justified in giving him another ribbing. This image was taken from that awful press conference following the incident, with Rice giving a priceless stare to onlookers while hugging his "beloved".

As always, keep the material clean (as much as possible), and on-topic. GIF's and images are welcome as always. Happy captioning!