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Tennessee Titans Training Camp Preview: Tight End

Scott Halleran

Tennessee Titans training camp starts at the end of the week!  Leading up to camp, Xanpham Churchill and I are going to be breaking down all of the positions on the roster.  We continue with the tight ends.

All players have 2013 stats listed, if applicable.

The Players

Delanie Walker- 60 catches, 571 yards, 6 TDs

Walker had a very nice year in his first year with the Titans.  He is a very versatile player who can make plays catch the ball and is a good run blocker.  It is a huge advantage to have a receiving tight end who doesn't have to come off the field on run plays because he can't block at all *cough*Jared Cook*cough*.  The Titans made a great call when they let Cook walk and signed Walker.

Craig Stevens

Stevens only had two catches last year after having 23 in 2012.  He is obviously a guy who blocks first, but he has pretty good hands.  They should find a way to get him more involved in the passing game this year.

Taylor Thompson

We keep waiting...and waiting....and see something out of Thompson.  I hope this new staff can find a way to take advantage of his ridiculous athleticism, but my hopes are pretty low at this point.

The rest of the group- Dorin Dickerson, Jason Schepler, and Adam Schlitz

Again, no names here that really seem to have a legitimate shot at making the roster, but I will say that Thompson needs a good camp or he could be in jeopardy if one of these guys can come on strong.

What's Changed

Much like with the receivers, the names are pretty much the same here.  Hopefully the production from Stevens and Thompson will improve.

The Big Question

How will these guys be used in the new offense?  We saw what Walker can do last year.  Can the new staff find a way to get Stevens and Thompson involved in a pass catching role as well?

Best Case Scenario

Thompson becomes a poor man's Jimmy Graham and presents a lot of match-up problems for the opposing team.  That allows everything else on offense to be a little bit more open and everyone thrives.  (Can you imagine if Thompson and Justin Hunter both reach their potential?  That is a huge IF, but we are talking best case scenario here.  That would be fun to watch!)

Worst Case Scenario

Call me crazy, but I think that last season was worst case scenario for this group.  Delanie is going to produce, but last year the other guys didn't.


Again, we have a talented group of players with loads of potential.  Walker was a huge signing for this team, and he should have another really strong year.  Will they get anything out of any of the other guys?