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Tennessee Titans News Links: New Eats

Your daily serving of Titans' linkage!

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

LP Field has a new menu, courtesy of a new food supplier. Paul Kuharsky says that its a definite improvement over what was. I can't speak to what the food was, as I only ever purchased beverages at LP, but I'm sure that some of you all can.

Paul Kuharsky talks about whether the Titans have enough national respect of not. My opinion is that if we win, we will get respect. We haven't won anything yet, so therefore we don't get any.

Nine catches, 91 yards and an 18 yard touchdown. That is what constituted Delanie Walker's best game, last year in a loss versus the Indianapolis Colts.

Titans Online's Joe Fann talks about the defensive front 7 this upcoming year. Very excited to see Ray Horton's defense at work.

Quote of the Day: "Peace is its own reward." -Ghandi