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Between The Posts: Surprises

Your nightly OT open thread.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Seahawks wideout Sidney Rice announced his retirement at only 27 years old. He was facing an uphill battle to secure a roster spot on an increasingly deep wide receiver corps in Seattle. Injuries took their toll on his career, but his sudden retirement comes as a surprise.

Jamal Charles of the Kansas City Chiefs got paid today, to the tune of an extension featuring $18.1 million in new money. It's good to be Jamal Charles right now, but in all fairness, there's little doubt he's one of the top NFL runners at the moment.

Young Eagles tackle Lane Johnson will be serving a four game suspension for PED use. The Eagles are an interesting team right now, but this punishment leaves the team vulnerable on the offensive line through the teams first quarter of the season.

That's all for tonight MCM. Have a great evening. I'll leave the thread open as always for off topic discussion and/or debate.