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Between The Posts: Busts and Steals

Your nightly OT open thread.

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

We are close now folks. With training camp around the corner, football season is almost (mercifully) upon us again. Let's check out some of the day's snippets.

The Chargers cut ties with 2009 first round pick Larry English, who was sort of a questionable pick in the first place. It made me think of guys who were drafted high, only to become "busts". The Titans have certainly had their fair share. Andre Woolfolk anyone?

To those of you who are interested, the Madden ratings were released the other day, with some notable surprises among them. Long story short, the creators of Madden LOVE Russell Wilson.

There was plenty of off-season hype surrounding QB Teddy Bridgewater, only for it then to plummet to the abyss mere weeks leading up to the draft. I have to agree with former Chargers head coach and current Vikings OC, Norv Turner on this one; Bridgewater is a top talent that slid way too far. What say you?