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Madden NFL Rookie Ratings Released; Taylor Lewan Rated 79

The folks at Madden think pretty highly of Taylor Lewan.

Frederick Breedon

The release of the Madden NFL video game is a huge event every year.  Tonight the folks at EA Sports have released the rookie ratings for this year's game, and Titans first-round draft pick Taylor Lewan got a 79.  Only five rookies have a higher rating than Lewan- Jadaveon Clowney (83), Greg Robinson (83), Jake Matthews (81), Khalil Mack (81) and Sammy Watkins (80).

Now obviously these ratings don't mean anything when it comes to a real-life football game, but there is a lot of research that is done into making the ratings on the game accurate.  That means that the people at EA Sports have a very high level of respect for Lewan.  That can't be a bad thing.