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Myth Busters Jim Wyatt Edition: Zach Mettenberger did not break his hand this weekend

Jim Wyatt is debunking fools this morning.

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Frederick Breedon

There has been a rumor floating around that there was incident over the weekend where somebody yelled Roll Tide at Zach Mettenberger- which prompted a fight, and that Mett broke his hand in that fight. Jim Wyatt says that isn't true:

Gramsey is reporting exclusively that the person that yelled "Roll Tide" at Mettenberger was Kenny Britt!  How awesome would it be if that were true?  It would make today the greatest day in MCM history.

As was pointed out in the comments, Wyatt did not say there wasn't an incident.  My guess is that there was a fight but that there were no broken bones involved.

[UPDATE]- Jim Wyatt talked to the guy who owns the bar where the Mettenberger incident took place, and it sounds like some idiot Alabama fan (yes, I admit there are a lot of those) tried to provoke Mett. It really sounds like Mettenberger did nothing wrong here, and actually should be commended for not punching the idiot that posted him.