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Can the Titans get contracts done before the 2014 season?

Will issues linger over into 2014?

Grant Halverson

There will be plenty to talk about this year heading into preseason. Is Jake Locker back to 100%? Who is going to get the most carries in the backfield? Will Taylor Lewan play a significant role in the offense? However, one of the things fans should be anxious about is can the Titans complete deals with their star players before the season?

Jurrell Casey: Priority Urgent

Casey is entering a contract year, and while he was an excellent 4-3, 3-tech the question is can he fit into the Titans new defensive scheme? The concern from fans should be that Casey will flourish in the new scheme and prove that he can be a top-five DT for every team in the league.

The Titans need to make Casey the priority this year, but if he only has a mediocre year it will be hard seeing him take middling money considering the market out there for penetrating defensive tackles.

Kendall Wright: Priority Medium

I believe that Wright is entering the first year that the Titans can negotiate an extension for him. Wright looks like he will be a cornerstone of the offense that continues to keep the chains moving. No matter which QB he has throwing to him, it looks like he can be consistent and a valuable asset for a long time.

With that in mind, it would be smart to lock him down long term before he is the Titans leading receiver for a third straight year.

Nate Washington: Priority Medium

This one is cut and dry, if Washington has any more years left in him (which it looks like he does) the Titans need to extend him. He is one of the leaders of the team, and his toughness and locker room presence would be sorely missed if the Titans let him test free agency.

Jake Locker and Michael Roos: Priority Low

Locker is an above average quarterback when he is on the field, but the issue is that he just can't stay healthy. If Locker can stay healthy for an entire season I think the league would take note and he would be worth something on the free agent market. I think Locker would be a great backup who could come in and win football games if he could come off of the bench and not face the wear-and-tear of a full season.

Roos should be re-signed only if Oher goes down/under preforms and is replaced by Lewan at right tackle. If Lewan and Roos are exceptional at their positions next year there should be no urgency to create a need where there doesn't have to be one.