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MCM Create A Caption

Your weekend caption contest continues.

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Better late than never. We're back with the weekend create a caption post. Our picture today comes courtesy of former Titans RB, Chris Johnson, with his new team in New York. Here we see him taking a hand-off from Sophomore QB Geno Smith, who may or may not be embattled in a position competition for the role with Michael Vick in the wings. Some Jets fans have been saying that 2000 may be a possibility for CJ again....I'll leave that with no comment. Regardless, I'm sure you ladies and gents will have no problems coming up with a zinger or two with this picture. The past few years offers us plenty of material after all.

Last time around, "trevor2013" won the day with his clever quip, so congrats to him.

As always, keep the content clean and on topic. GIF's and images are welcome additions. Without further delay, onto the captioning!