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Titans lost in the mix: Taylor Thompson

Is this the year that Taylor Thompson breaks out?

Wesley Hitt

Continuing last weekend's series, there are a few players on the Tennessee Titans roster that don't immediately come to mind. One of those players is long time developmental tight end Taylor Thompson.

Thompson is arguably only the third best tight end on the Titans roster behind Delanie Walker and Craig Stevens. Not only that, but if you think he should contend for a hybrid fullback role, he would also have to go through Collin Mooney. With those obstacles, it is easy to write Thompson off as a permanent special teams player, but I wouldn't be so sure.

Ken Whisenhunt, Jason Michael, and Mike Mularkey have all spent time as tight end coaches in the NFL. With that level of intelligence about one position on the same coaching staff, you can bet that all the Titans tight ends are about to see a bump in production.

Taylor Thompson has slowly developed throughout his career, despite a revolving door of coaches (none of which were very good) and limited playing time. If the Titans are looking to create more mismatches in no-huddle offenses, he should be their guy.

Finally, the Titans need pass catchers in a bad way. With Kendall Wright, Nate Washington, and Justin Hunter they have a great top-three, but after that is the number four option going to be Michael Preston? I like Preston, but I do not think that he is ready for 500 snaps a year. With two-tight end sets however, the Titans could rest their top receivers and keep them fresh.