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No more fun and games on the OL for Tennessee?

There is a new OL coach in town.

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Brian Schwenke is in a much better position than he was a year ago. He is on an offensive line with more talent than last year, but more importantly he is healthy and ready to get back on the field and play. During an interview with John Glennon of the Tennessean, Schwenke said that he was concerned that this injuries could have forced he and Andy Levitre to miss time at camp this year.

"Andy and I didn't know how much work we were going to be able to do in OTAs, but fortunately we were both able to jump in there from the start," Schwenke said. "It was definitely a pleasant surprise that we were both back. The whole offensive line got a lot of good time together doing our thing – meshing and creating chemistry."

That is great news for a Titans offensive line that struggled with injuries throughout the 2013 season. More great news is that the Titans now have a disciplinarian in the locker room to help shape the younger talent on this roster.

"He's not killing us, but there's definitely a different mentality," Schwenke said of Bostad. "It's like a whole different mode out there. When we're on the field, we're there to get better. You can goof around later, but when you're on the field, be there to work."

Here is my theory on why Schwenke phrased that comment like he did. I believe that after years of molding veteran offensive linemen for Tennessee, Mike Munchak had become a pure player's coach. He was used to dealing with veterans like Michael Roos, Eugene Amano, Kevin Mawae, David Stewart, Bruce Matthews, and others. He may not have forgotten how to teach rookies, but he may have forgotten how much technique help they needed after the jump from college to the NFL.

Bostad on the other hand seems to be working these guys on the field and then being buddies off the field. He seems to believe (and rightfully so) that when you are on the practice field your job is to get better.

I think this is big for a Titans offensive line with so much talent that seemed to really lack coaching last year. If Chance Warmack can get his technique fixed, he has outstanding potential and their aren't that many offensive linemen as athletic as Brian Schwenke and Taylor Lewan.