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Ken Whisenhunt 20th in head coach power rankings

Frederick Breedon

Elliot Harrison of has put out his NFL head coach power rankings.  He has Tennessee Titans new coach, Ken Whisenhunt, ranked 20th in the league.  The Whiz is right between Ron Rivera (21st) and his old boss, Mike McCoy (19th).

Here is what Harrison had to say about Whisenhunt:

One of the more under-reported stories of the 2013 season: The job Whiz did with the Chargers' offense. And it wasn't just Philip Rivers' revival; the running backs were hell on wheels for opponents, as Ryan Mathews enjoyed his most prolific rushing season and Danny Woodhead caught 76 balls. Can Whisenhunt have the same impact in Tennessee? While Kurt Warner gets most of the praise for guiding the Cardinals to Super Bowl XLIII, try to recall who made Warner the starter.

There is so much in that little blurb that is encouraging. Hopefully he can really help Jake Locker develop into a quality NFL quarterback.

The part about the running backs is also very encouraging. Dexter McCluster could be in for a season very similar to the one that Danny Woodhead had last year, and if Ryan Mathews can find success with Whiz, maybe Shonn Greene can as well. That last part is probably just wishful thinking.