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Tennessee Titans News Links: Year Two

Your daily serving of Titans' linkage!

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Brian Schwenke is geared up and ready for year two in the NFL. I have really high hopes of Schwenke to be a really good center in this league and hold up the middle of our offensive line for years and years to come.

Players primed to regress? There isn't a Titan on this list. Cam Newton makes this list in large part due to his depleted receiving corps including Noles' boy Kelvin Benjamin. Good luck Cam. Arian Foster and Demarcus Ware on the list as well. I'm very interested in seeing how good or bad that Texans offense is.

What is Brian Schwenke's best game ever? Well he would tell you that it was this past year against the Rams (I WAS THERE!!!!), when the Titans had 198 rushing yards. Hopefully he has several best games this year.

Quote of the Day: "Mothers are the necessity of invention." -Bill Watterson