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Between The Posts: Getting Closer

Your nightly OT open thread.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Another work day down, another day closer to football starting again.

Jummy Graham doesn't need to be concerned with his franchise-tag battle after all. He just landed the most lucrative deal for a tight end in the league - 4 years, $40 million dollars. I'm glad, now we don't have to hear about that Jared Cook-esque storyline anymore... also posted a "Head Coach Power Ranking" list. The Titans new leading man, Ken Whisenhunt, landed a respectable 20th on that list, for what it's worth.

Well this is a shame for my grandparents, who live in Farnborough, England, and took me to the famous air show almost every year when I was a kid...Can't say I like the F-35 as much as the Eurofigher Typhoon, but who's keeping track?

That's all for tonight MCM. I will leave the thread open for any off topic debates or discussions as per usual. Have a great evening.