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Between The Posts: Moving Forward

Your nightly OT open thread

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Saints Tight End Jimmy Graham announced that he has formally appealed the ruling recently made by the league that he will be paid his Franchise Tag tender as a Tight End, and not as a Wide Receiver. I think this has gone way too far. He's a Tight End when all is said and done.

Boy am I glad that this guy didn't take over the Titans as many expected a few years back. Haslam's company is being fined a whopping $92 million for fraud; in the form of cheating customers out of promised rebates and discounts. The new Titan ownership at the top after Bud's passing have been relatively quiet, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. I have faith that they have the situation under control, and have the team pointed in the right direction with the new staff.

Speaking of the new staff, Paul K agreed that he thinks they are the biggest upgrade from last season to this coming one. I have to agree that the changing of the guard on the coaching level will likely make more a difference than any small collection of player additions.