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Is the Titans loss of Alterraun Verner overstated?

Is this loss being blow out of proportion?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Alterraun Verner was one of the top four performers on the Tennessee Titans roster in 2014, without question. He, Kendall Wright, Jurrell Casey, and Jason McCourty were very impressive and you could argue that some if not all should have been in the Pro Bowl (if the selection process wasn't a joke).

However, the idea that the Titans pass defense will crumble without Verner, is simply overstated in my opinion. These are four reasons why I think the Titans won't suffer a drop off defensively in 2014.

1. What big time receivers?

Titans fans are used to worrying about Manning to Wayne, or Manning to Harrison, or Schaub to Andre Johnson (that was a thing), but what scares you now? Is T.Y. Hilton going to torch the Titans roster on an offense that really has no identity? Is Nuk Hopkins going to show up for the Texans (a 50/50 proposition at best) and even then who do they have throwing the ball?

This division is going to be shifting to a run-heavy group, if they aren't already there. With Andre Johnson wanting out and Reggie Wayne battered and aging, this division is about to look a lot different.

2. New Coaching

I won't harp on this because it has all been said before, but Ray Horton is going to make this team better. Gregg Williams changed this team last year, but he really didn't have full control of the defense. Now, this team is going to have ONE DC and he will have complete defensive reign.

3. The Backups aren't bad

Blidi Wreh-Wilson is going to be a good player. He is long and fast, and with good coaching he will develop. On the other hand, Coty Sensabaugh is already there. I think he is one of the best slot corners in the game, and if the coaching staff feels ready to move him to the outside then he is ready. If not, he will still be a top-10 nickel CB.

4. Pressure, pressure, pressure.

Last year the Titans were much better at getting pressure on opposing offenses, however fans saw them shift into the prevent defense far too often. This team won't make that mistake, and they will be pushing down on the gas pedal every snap. With more pressure, the defensive backs will be allowed to be more aggressive, and with all the league trying to emulate the Seahawks don't be surprised if the Titans get a little chippier too.