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Between The Posts: Friday Random 10

Your nightly OT open thread!

We've talked a lot about off the field problems (not related to the Titans thankfully) recently. Colts wideout LaVon Brazill was released by the team today amidst his recent suspension, leaving their corps even more depleted. In other Wide Receiver news, Andre Johnson is apparently not available, according to the Texans. Whether this is a ploy to play up the price, or a bold statement, is up for debate.

It is also Friday today, and thus time for our weekly random 10. You know the drill, hit shuffle on your MP3 and write your 10 songs in the comments section.

1. Coldplay - White Shadows

2. Pink Floyd - Learning To Fly

3. The Prodigy - Breathe

4. The Bravery - Believe

5. Kevin Rudolph - Let It Rock

6. Keane - Is It Any Wonder?

7. Control One - Gotta Move It

8. Queen - We Are The Champions

9. Daft Punk - Voyager

10. The Rolling Stones - Satisfaction

Have a great weekend MCM.