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Tennessee Titans News Links: FEWDM

Your daily serving of Titans' linkage!

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

For everyone who doubted Shaun Phillips, or doesn't give him the respect he deserves, look out. He's coming after QBs this year with a new vengeance to prove the doubters wrong. Naysayers gonna nay right?

Disclosure: I didn't come up with the For Everyone Who Doubted Me acronym, it belongs to this site.

Titans' biggest key to success? Look no further than Jake Locker who will almost singlehandedly determine how successful we are this year. No pressure, this is/could be/is a make or break year.

Noles has a great article on the spread revolution on offense and how defenses are having to adjust to stop it and what that means for our Titans of Tennessee.

Our own, The Rambler has quite the fanpost out. I implore you all to read it, it is pretty fantastic. Shout out to DD who recommended I read it.

Quote of the Day: "Forgotten is forgiven." -F. Scott Fitzgerald