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Between The Posts: End Of The Road

Your nightly OT open thread!

Jamie McDonald

The USA fell to Belgium 2-1 in today's round of 16 match, ending what has been a solid run from them in the tournament. Unfortunately, it was simply not enough to compete with the crisp passing and control that the Belgians exhibited today. That said, the Americans were able to hold them off until extra time.

In other news, the NFL today announced that the custom face-masks we've seen popping up around the league are being outlawed for player use, that is, without a medical allowance detailing the necessity of such equipment. Some of those helmets were getting ridiculous, and I'm not surprised that recent studies revealed that the changes actually did compromise the structural integrity of the equipment. Player safety is king at this point, so nobody can really argue.

That's all for tonight. I'll leave the Between The Posts thread open as always for off-topic discussion. Have a great night MCM.