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Between The Posts: Breaking The Doldrums

Your nightly OT open thread!

Shaun Botterill

Another Monday has passed us by. But this week, the World Cup will lift our down-trodden off-season spirits. I'm excited, despite going into the tournament without any real expectations for my home country. It's somewhat liberating after years of unfulfilled hype.

Now for some football-related news;

Former (thankfully) Tennessee Titan wideout Kenny Britt is apparently making a good impression on his new team, the St. Louis Rams. I'm glad he'll be someone else's disappointment this time around. I am pretty content with how this Titans wide receiver group has been built. A lack of talent shouldn't be an excuse if the group doesn't succeed in 2014.

How to get more fans in your stadium? Reduce ticket prices? No. Win games? maybe. Add poolside cabanas? Why the hell not?! The Titans cross-division rival Jacksonville Jaguars are doing just that. Good to know.

That's all for tonight folks. Have an awesome Monday night.