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Tennessee Titans history lesson: Warren Moon

Some history of a legend.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Warren Moon is arguably the best quarterback in Titans/Oilers history, with his only real competition being Steve McNair....and Rusty Smith.

When you see a "Love Ya Blue" Oilers jersey with a "1" on the back, you don't look to see who the name is because there is only one number one.That's why it never really occurred to me that a lot of thought may have gone into the decision to wear that iconic number. That is, until I read this article by PFT.

Warren Moon was a trailblazer as one of the premier run-and-shoot quarterbacks in the NFL history, and always looked to distinguish himself from the pack.

“I think, first, it was a very different number and it was something that nobody else was wearing...

However it goes deeper than that. During that time the Oilers had three Hall of Famers on the roster, but Moon wanted to be the leader (as all great QBs do).

"It was something that my teammates could look at on my back.  Every time they looked at me as a leader on our football team, they saw the number 1, which is something that signifies a lot of different things.  Hopefully, number 1 is where we want our team to finish."

That type of leader is what the Oilers needed during arguably their longest stretch of sustained success. That sort of drive is something that all the greats have, and hopefully the Titans find another leader soon.