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Between The Posts: Expectations

Your nightly OT open thread!

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

With the bulk of the offseason work over for our Tennessee Titans until training camp, I thought it would be worth gauging where the team stands.

The team addressed most all their perceived needs as far as personnel are concerned. The team re-upped important pieces like Ropati Pitoitua and Bernard Pollard, and brought in proven veterans like Shawn Phillips and rising talents like Dexter McCluster. The team addressed their biggest needa in the draft by nabbing a talented running back to replace Chris Johnson and, if all works out as planned, solidified what should be one of the better offensive lines im the NFL. They also made the biggest changes needed: adding an entirely new coaching staff to take over the direction of the team.

With optimism rising (as in any NFL offseason) I thought now as good a time as any to see how far our collective 2014 expectations have changed, if at all. So thats our topic for tonight; what do you expect from the 2014 version of the Tennessee Titans?

Personally I see 9 or so wins in the first year of Whisenhunt's new regime. What say you?