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MCM Create A Caption

The weekend caption contest continues!

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Today's image comes courtesy of the Titans former, long-time head coach, Jeff Fisher. Here he is reacting during the course of a game against the Arizona Cardinals last season, and I can't really say what forced this facial expression, but it must have been pretty amazing. With the messy divorce toward the end of his tenure here in Tennessee years ago, I'm sure you guys and gals will be able to come up with some excellent captions.

Unfortunately the Titans don't get to play (and beat) the Rams again next year.

Last week we had a first time winner in "emiller253" with 11+ recs to his credit. Can anyone top that this time around?

Remeber, keep the material clean and on topic (as much as possible). GIFs and pictures are, as always, more than welcome as entries. Most rec's takes the cake. Without further delay, let's get on with the captioning!