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Tennessee Titans Cap Space?

How much cash is left in the coffers for the 2014 season?

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

While most of the financial maneuvering has been completed by NFL teams; picks have been signed, deals have been struck, and Free Agents have come and gone, it's still worth looking at the cap space left over. During this off-season, the Titans added Dexter McCluster, Wesley Woodyard, Shaun Phillips, and Michael Oher, among others, and signed Ropati Pitoitua and Bernard Pollard to multi-year deals. Better yet, almost all the signings the team made were laden with incentives that protect the team as well as low guaranteed numbers.

So where does that leave the team at present?

The Titans currently have the 6th most cap space in the NFL, with a whopping $19,257,413. I would expect Mr. Webster to be clever with that flexibility. In the post 2011 NFL, where salary cap transfer from season to season is a reality, leaving money on the table is a smart way to plan ahead. With such a sum still available to the team, I would hope they would seek to re-sign core players like Jurrell Casey and Akeem Ayers, and saving money in contingency for Jake Locker depending on the outcome of the 2014 season. It also gives the team ammunition to go out and get any player on the market they want (theoretically) next offseason.

Kudos to some savvy cap management from Webster and co this year to date. Let's hope that prudent management continues. And hey, it pays to not be Pittsburgh (<$150,000 in remaining cap space!).