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Tennessee Titans News Links: E.L.E.

Your daily serving of Titans' linkage!

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Frederick Breedon

John McNulty loves Jake Locker, and he loves Charlie Whitehurst, and he loves Zach Mettenberger. It's the offseason, and just like Jackie Moon preaches, everybody loves everybody.

I already liked Zach Mettenberger since he went to LSU, and was awesome for us, but you guys might find you like him too. For instance, Ron should like him more since his favorite movie is Anchorman, and Gramsey should like him a bit more since his favorite baseball team is the Braves and his favorite player is Greg Maddux.

Paul Kuharsky says that Shonn Greene is one of the Titans' biggest question marks this coming year. Hopefully he won't be injured much.

Pollard loves the new defense Horton is bringing and want's a lot of sacks and interceptions. I feel like the defense is gonna get a lot of opportunities.

Does a healthy Locker equal playoffs? It's not quite that simple but, simplified, the answer is yes. Or at least the chances are higher than if Whitehurst is the starter.

Quote of the Day: "When in doubt, do it." -Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.