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MCM Radio: OTA-Hey Edition

Live tonight at 9:00 CDT

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

MCM Radio returns at 9:00 CDT tonight with every ingredient that's common for a great show:

  • Some actual Titans business to discuss
  • Forecast for rain here in Nashville (don't know why it's so, but they're always good shows when it rains)
  • Early reports on the offensive playbook installation to dissect


Need I say more? We'll be talking to the voice of our Tennessee Titans live, and any time Mike takes a few moments to join us it's straight Internet gold.

You can get the live stream, chatroom and call-in number here. Right after we're done you'll be able to download the podcast version of the show from iTunes or Stitcher (note: do you have a podcast feed you love that MCM Radio isn't featured on? Email me at and I'll get it hooked up!). The podcast versions of the show feature exclusive bonus time content, so be sure to subscribe!