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Between The Posts: 50/50

Your nightly OT open thread!


The Super Bowl for next season will not be known as Super Bowl L, but rather, as Super Bowl 50...for reasons not entirely clear. Not sure who has it out for Roman numerals, but whatever floats the league's boat I suppose...

In news that will make Noles smile, released a breakdown of Florida State's large number of NFL-viable prospects.

There was a "close pass" made by a Russian SU-27 air superiority aircraft today on a large USAF reconnaissance aircraft, prompting political tensions. This occurred over the sea of Okhotst, located between the Japanese Kurils and Kamchatka, and the Russian Siberian mainland.

In lighter news, ESPN is wrapping up its 32 teams in 32 days for the World Cup Nations, which has some interesting reading. The USA, Netherlands, Colombia, England, Argentina,Spain and Brazil are the final nations to be written on before the games officially begin on June 12th.

That's all for tonight.