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Tennessee Titans News Links: Weak Sauce

Your daily serving of Titans' linkage!

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Ken Whisenhunt told Justin Hunter that his dunk was weak (jokingly I'm sure), and that he dunked on only a 9 foot rim.

Paul says that hybrid rushers can rush from a two or three point stance. Well, yeah. It disguises looks a bit.

Colin Mooney should absolutely have a place on the Titans. He was very much a positive impact when he played last year and Whiz uses a fullback. Much rather would have Colin than QJ or Jackie Battle.

Drayton Florence worked out for the Titans, as they try to add some vet experience to the group or maybe are just looking at all of their options. I do know that we had 2 pro bowl corners on the roster last year, and veteran experience wouldn't have been an issue had we re-signed the one that was a free agent.

Battle didn't fight all that hard to give up his number to Dexter McCluster. Good for him.

Locker is working towards ownership of the Titans' offense, says Titans Online.

Contrary to the beliefs of Evan Silva, Jurrell Casey will be in a position to flourish next year under Ray Horton.

Quote of the Day: "Boldness be my friend." -William Shakespeare