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2014 NFL Draft: Marqueston Huff Scouting Report

Where does the unproven playmaker fit on the roster?

Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

Player name: Marqueston Huff

H/W: 5"11 196

Position: DB

School/Class: Wyoming/Senior

Measurables: 4.49 40, 35.5" vertical jump, 7.26 3 cone drill, 15 bench reps, 9'8" broad jump

The Tape:

2012 Junior Highlights

Utah State 2013

Boise State 2013


  • Athleticism - Huff is a very explosive athlete. He has the hips and vertical game to show some signs of playing a decent amount of corner at the next level. As a safety, he has a quick first step and closing speed is pretty amazing. Huff has the length to stick at corner as well.
  • Experience - A 4 year player that is well versed all over the secondary. He initially started off in the nickel corner spot then stuck at corner before moving to safety for his senior season. Also contributed on special teams as a gunner.
  • Ball Skills - Possesses above average ball skills and catches like a receiver. Has the speed and agility to make up for getting beaten.


  • Taking A "Whiff" - Let's just say that Huff is consistently inconsistent as a tackler. He tries for the big home run hit in most cases and when it goes bad, it gets ugly. Although he knows how to wrap up properly, he favors the home run approach when the situation requires a simple tackle. When he connects, his hard hitting ability shows. However, his "batting" average is worse than Adam Dunn and Dan Uggla combined.
  • Athleticism - While Huff is very athletic, he has a lean frame that needs a NFL workout program badly. Think Kevin Durant when he entered the NBA and that's what you get with Huff. He can be pushed around by better and stronger blockers very easily.
  • Reading is FUNdamental - In 2013, he was asked to be something he was not, which is a single high (Cover 1) safety capable of making the right read and leading the defense. It was very disastrous given his inability to wrap up and frequently being fooled on misdirection plays. Huff was often a step slow because he was too busy trying to read the offense in the precious few seconds of any given play. As a result, he was caught flat footed, slow to recover, and had to arm tackle, hoping that was enough. Given all that with his deficiencies with technique, it's a miracle that he got a mid round grade.


Yes I realize that the Wyoming program is traditionally bad, but Huff is a bad pick given where he was picked. He needs a lot of coaching and strict regimented workout program to even think about competing for a roster spot in 2015. At best, he can develop into a backup free safety and fourth corner. At worst, he's the new Tommie Campbell aka maddeningly inconsistent player with great athleticism. I just don't see him being any better than a depth player who will be an utter disaster if forced to start but every team needs role players. As long as he stays in a specific role (i.e. corner), he should do fine. I just don't know what Webster and co were thinking on this one.

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