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Between The Posts: Blue Collar

Your nightly OT open thread!

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

A Tennessee Titans article made the headlines, and it's not negative press! New Titans OC Jason Michael spoke to the media about how hard Jake has been working, and how he expects a big season from the embattled QB.

Cincy OC Hue Jackson thinks Andy Dalton to AJ Green is the league's top passing duo...I have issue with about 50% of that statement. I mean, it's not exactly Manning to Harrison...

In unrelated, though not less interesting news, GM has recalled 8.4 million of it's vehicles for faulty wiring, ignition issues, and wire fastenings. The number marks the single year record for any car-maker in history. I'm also sure it hasn't been a cheap action on behalf of GM either, not to mention a PR blight.

The USA take on Belgium in the World Cup tomorrow, so we'll be providing an open thread for you fans of the beautiful game. See, it's done. I limited it to one sentence football fanatics. No more talking about soccer. Have a great evening MCM. As always, I will leave the thread open for any OT topics or discussions.