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Tennessee Titans News Links: Just Playing Football

Your daily serving of Titans' linkage!

Clive Rose

Titans Defensive Coordinator Ray Horton talks about the new defense with Titans Online. He talks about the War Machine, Jurrell Casey, just playing football in the new defense. Why can't there be football now?

Leon Washington's best game ever came back in high school. He scored a goal in just about every single conceivable way.

The United States of America are going to play Belgium in the knockout round on Tuesday, July 1st at 3pm CST. It will not be easy to come away with the win, but with Red Devils possibly being without Kompany, it could make the US's job of scoring a lot easier.

Quote of the Day: "Literature is news that stays news." -Ezra Pound

Also, for those who haven't watched the World Cup so far, I implore you to look up the highlights from James Rodriguez, the Colombian wunderkid. Arguably (along with Arjen Robben and maybe Messi) the player of the tournament thus far.