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Between The Posts: Passing The Time

Your nightly OT open thread!

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Another day down, another day closer to football starting again.

There was a piece on today about who the likely Offensive Rookie Of the Year candidates are, in an email chain style. The Titans rookie runner, Bishop Sankey got some credit...sort of...

The site also had a list of the top 10 free agents who remain unsigned up to this point. Slightly surprised by a few names on the list, and not about some others. Finley's price tag has made him unsignable, Holmes is a widely known locker room cancer, and Josh Freeman is terrible. Oh, and  nobody wants James Harrison on their team either.

So my question of the night; what are you guys and gals doing to pass the time in this ever-long off-season? Hockey, baseball, world cup soccer? What's your holdover? I know I am pretty excited about the upcoming world cup myself.

That's all for tonight folks. Have an awesome evening.