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Tennessee Titans News Links: Underestimating the Twitter

Your daily serving of Titans' linkage!

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Frederick Breedon

Charlie Whitehurst underestimated social media when he posted the instagram of him arm wrestling Kern for number 6.

Taylor Lewan had a tremendous day (by his account) on Monday when he played left tackle. He talks about when he had to play guard and played terribly previously.

Turns out Akeem Ayers had two surgeries on his knees, not just one surgery. The question is, how quickly will he get back to 100% and how much did it impact him last year.

Mariani says he has a lot to prove. I don't disagree, as a WR, and he needs to show he's recovered from his injury.

Jake Locker and the Titans are sorting through the high volume of plays in this offense, says Paul Kuharsky.

Whiz is happy with the intensity thus far in OTAs and hopes that they continue to practice hard and efficiently.

Quote of the Day: "What Britain needs is an Iron Lady.'"- Margaret Thatcher