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Top-100 lists leave bad taste in Titans fans mouths.

Three underrated Titans continue to be forgotten.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

I understand that most of these lists are popularity contests, and that it doesn't really have any affect on anything but it still makes me mad when Titans players are left of the list that deserve to be there. These three players definitely deserved to be on the NFL top 100 players list, as well as every other list.

Jurrell Casey

Casey is one of the best 4-3 penetrators in the NFL, on par with Geno Atkins and Ndamukong Suh, the only difference is that he is also a highly effective run-stopper. Even if you use the argument that he was on a bad team, you can make that argument about J.J. Watt and Adrian Peterson too but how many lists to you think will have them outside of the top-10 much less out of the top-100?

Jason McCourty

While everyone fell in love with Alterraun Verner's play last year, it was Jason McCourty who played more snaps and was a consistent force on the defense. The reason Verner was thrown at so often (and made people pay for it) was because there wasn't a weak corner on the field to pick on. Common sense tells you that if Verner had been great but McCourty had been bad then they would have just thrown at McCourty. You don't have a spot for this guy, but you have spots on the list for Brent Grimes and Charles Clay?

Kendall Wright

Wright is the guy everyone should know on the Tennessee Titans team. Sure all of these players are in the early stages of their NFL career, but Wright has only played two years in the NFL and already there are few receivers that have been as consistent and reliable as he has. Aside from great on the field production he has shown Nate Washington-like toughness and continues to keep going after taking a beating from linebackers. With the inevitable decline of Wes Welker, Kendall Wright could be in talks as one of the best slot receivers in the game if the Titans can get consistent quarterback play.