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Tennessee Titans News Links: On the Up

Your daily serving of Titans' linkage!

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The United States lost yesterday, but thanks to Cristiano Ronaldo and Portugal, are moving on to the round of 16 where we will face Belgium on July 2nd.

Delanie Walker talks to about the Titans, and how we are going to be on the in for the playoffs this year. The guys are all about losing CJ. Do they not understand that he was not very good for us the last couple years? Obviously not. Delanie says he's looking to catch 80 passes this year and how scary our WR core could be.

Top 5 plays of 1990's on, number 2 is our site's namesake, the Music City Miracle. Should be number 1 in my opinion, but it is what it is. Somehow a missed FG beat out the Homerun Throwback.

Jason Michaels recaps the Titans offseason thus far.

Mike Martin continues the "Best Game Ever" series with Paul Kuharsky.

Quote of the Day: "Good night, and good luck." -E. Murrow