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Why We Destroyed Last Night's MCM Radio.

Welcome to the Internets, folks.


I'm writing this just minutes after I did something I've never done in the 350 + episodes of MCM Radio: torch it. For the tons of folks who called in, and who streamed the show live, you know what happened. And for those who took the time out of their evening to participate in the live show, I deeply regret that I had to delete the episode.

Tonight, after a slew of phenomenal callers, we had two trolls show up. The had different area codes and voices, but their tactics were the same: They duped us into broadcasting horrible, ignorant and disturbing racial insults.

We dumped them immediately, and strongly asserted that those callers have nothing to do with Titans fans, Music City Miracles or MCM Radio. They were just idiots looking to provoke anyone within digital earshot.

Despite the amazing content we had, those incidents couldn't be edited out properly. Thus, we were immediately left with two choices: let it post as it happened, our destroy the episode and silence these voices of hate.

Danomite and myself chose the latter over the former.

So to everyone who called in and gave us such great insight, I apologize. We had a great show going, but there's absolutely no way I will allow our site, our show or our names to be associated with that kind of hate.

If we didn't make the decision torch last night's episode I would have never been able to look forward to the next MCM Radio episode in the same way, and our guests wouldn't take what we do seriously.

You amazing listeners and fans have given way too much of your time and energy for us to take it lightly.

We'll be back next week, and we hope you will be as well!

UPDATE: Despite my best efforts to stop the show from getting to iTunes, it appears that BTR automatically pushed through a back-up copy. We are working to correct this immediately.