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Between The Posts: Game-Tech

Your nightly OT open thread!

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The Steelers have been using some new tech in their practices, including built-in video recorders which coaches can use to see what players are looking at when running plays. I think, especially for developing QB's, it's something that will become extremely useful. It might also take some of the onus away from the backup players not getting as many snaps, since they can review those the starters took, and emulate, improve on them as needed.

I'm less interested in the Packer's use of workload tracking tech, but it's another practice that is gaining traction in more than one sport, and more than one continent for that matter.

Though the Tennessee Titans are on their break following mini-camp, they have taken their digital playbooks home with them. Hopefully the team can get up to speed quickly on Ken Whisenhunt's new offense, and Ray Horton's defense.

That's all for tonight, MCM. Have a great night.