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Tennessee Titans News Links: Almost

Your daily serving of Titans' linkage!

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If you are a USA Soccer fan, last night was incredibly frustrating. They outplayed Portugal for the majority of the game, yet came away from the game with a 2-2 draw thanks to two blunders from Cameron and a horrible play from Bradley. The United States of A can still advance with a Win/Tie against Germany (make some calls Jurgen), or a loss with some help from Ghana/Portugal. Thursday is going to be insane as both games are at the same time. Going to have an ulcer most likely.

Here are the highlights from yesterdays soccer match, including an absolutely stunning cross from Ronaldo which found the forehead of Varela to tie the match with only seconds remaining. Didn't help that Cameron decided not to mark his man.

In Paul Kuharsky's weekly chat he says that his favorite interview is Jurrell Casey and Delanie Walker is another favorite.

Titans players are not worried about the conditioning test they will receive. That makes me happy, as we'd be in a lot of trouble if we didn't have many players pass. Duh.

Maikon Bonani vs. Travis Coons is one of the biggest remaining questions of the offseason.

Quote of the Day: "Let no such man be trusted." -William Shakespeare