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How bad is the top of the AFC South?

How the mighty have fallen.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The AFC South has fallen from a division with two "potential contenders" to a division that is one injury (Andrew Luck) away from having no playoff caliber teams. This is the perfect time for the new Titans to take over the division. Here is a look at what the former contending teams in the AFC South look like compared to what they are.

Indianapolis Colts

What they look like: A young team loaded with talented young stars led by Andrew Luck.

What they are: Sure Luck is very good, and while he may never be Peyton Manning he is pretty close to Big Ben. In the trenches, they have gaping holes in their offensive line and they have no real future pass rushing threat (especially if Mathis comes back poorly after a suspension). On the outside they have very little talent outside of an aging Reggie Wayne coming back from an ACL, although T.Y. Hilton may become a factor sooner rather than later.

Houston Texans

What they look like: A defensive powerhouse ready to replicate the former success the New York Giants had in the 2007 and 2011.

What they are: Again, each of these teams does have a great player. J.J. Watt is an outstanding rusher and there is no reason why that won't carry over into 2014. However, Jadeveon Clowney just had hernia surgery, and his effort was already a huge question mark. Andre Johnson, the longtime leader in the locker room, is holding out for a team that acts like they want to win now. Also, Ryan Fitzpatrick is their starting quarterback, and he is behind a sub par offensive line. Throw in a banged up running attack and a new offensive system and you have a recipe for regression.

The Titans have their own warts, but they may be able to overcome a weak division if the cards fall right and the new coaching staff preforms the way they have in the past.