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Chance Warmack should have a bounce-back year in 2014.

The Alabama product has a lot of ground to make up in 2014.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Chance Warmack was an outstanding prospect in the 2013 NFL Draft. He had it all: a history of success, he made huge holes for a running game that every defense new was coming, he was a player at a huge position of need for the Titans, and he had a prototypical frame.

So what went wrong in 2013? Well, a revolving door at center caused him some major issues with continuity. He also was the last NFL draft pick to sign and a late entry to camp may have slowed his learning curve. Finally, David Stewart was the ideal role model on paper to add a mean streak to Warmack's game, but age and injuries left Stewart a diminished version of his old self.

However, all of that should change this year. Brian Schwenke is rehabbing much quicker than I anticipated and has impressed the coaching staff in camp. He has had a full offseason with Steve Watterson giving him goals to get in shape and improve his weight management. The hole at right tackle has create a huge opportunity for competition between the Titans first round draft pick in Taylor Lewan and Michael Oher.

I expect the Titans to utilize his ability to drive block more, and try to take the mental aspect out of it. Warmack needs to be confident when he lines down, because when you saw him understanding what he was doing last year, you could tell the switch was on. Also, expect to see him pull a lot more this year, he was consistently effective doing that last year and an experienced play caller will recognize that and play to that strength.