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Matt Miller says the Titans OL rules the AFC South

The Tennessee Titans OL a top-15 unit?

Frederick Breedon

While most of the national media has been down on the Titans this offseason, Matt Miller has something different to say.

Matt Miller says that the Titans OL is the 14th best in the NFL, ahead of the Texans (21), Colts (28), and Jaguars (31). This bucks the huge trend of national media saying that the Houston Texans are one of the best offensive lines in the league. Outside of Duane Brown and Chris Myers the whole offensive line is really a patchwork of mediocre talent.

I think that Miller outlines a great point when outlining the left side of the offensive line:

Moving left to right, the talent and experience are good. Michael Roos, at left tackle, is a top-10 player at the position when healthy. He is battling age and injury, though, and could see this as his last season in Tennessee. Andy Levitre at left guard is one of the best in the game, and he's flanked by an up-and-comer at center with Brian Schwenke holding down the job. He was a favorite of mine coming out of the 2013 draft and could be very good.

Roos needs a great year to convince the Titans that they should strongly consider moving Taylor Lewan over to the right side. If not, the Titans may being going forward with new bookend tackles in 2015.

Also, Miller is one of the first people I have seen say that Michael Oher is actually not a bad option at right tackle as long as he knows he has to compete for the job:

Now the battle at right tackle—between Michael Oher and Taylor Lewan—could be great for the team. If Oher is pushed, he can be very good. Lewan is the future at left tackle and won't be a loss if he's the sixth lineman this year.

That last bit about Lewan is also important. Worst case scenario, the Titans have one of the best goal line and short down and distance situations in the league if you include Delanie Walker, Jake Locker's legs, and Collin Mooney's ability to open running lanes.