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MCM Create A Caption!

Your week-end caption contest continues!

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

We're back again this weekend as scheduled. While things have been crazy for me in the past few weeks, things are returning to normalcy. But enough about me, it's time for our weekly caption competition.

Today's image comes courtesy of Tennessee Titans Strength And Conditioning Coach, Steve Watterson, working our offensive linemen Eric Olsen and Chris Spencer on the stationary bicycles. Coach Watterson was one a few personnel retained by the Titans after the regime turnover last season, along with WR Coach Shawn Jefferson and co. That aside, it's still makes for a comical sight to see two of the big trench guys on the bikes with Watterson overlooking them. It pays to be fit at St. Thomas Sports Park!

Remember, keep your captions clean and on topic (or as much as possible!). GIFs and images are welcome additions, as always. We'll announce the winner with the most rec's next weekend. Without further adieu, on to the captioning!