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Between The Posts: Foreign Markets

Your nightly OT open thread!

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

As Jimmy wrote earlier, Titans linebacker Akeem Ayers underwent surgery twice, one on each knee, to repair damage to the patella tendons.

Akeem Ayers is not the only name in surgery news today. The Seahawks pass rusher Bruce Irvin underwent hip surgery, though a full return for camp is expected, as is the same in Ayers' case. I don't think Ayers surgery is all that concerning at this point, but that would certainly change should he not be 100% come time for training camp.

The Falcons owner, Arthur Blank, today stated that he expects there to be "at least one NFL franchise" in London in the near future. I expect this will happen as well within the next decade. On another English note, I thought this was hysterical. Peru vs. England was a boring match after all...

In science news, this caught me eye today; the discovery of a massive earth-like planet 560 light years away. Just a hop, skip, and jump, right?

That's all for tonight. Have a great Monday evening MCMers.