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Tennessee Titans News Links: Football to Futbol

Your daily serving of Titans' linkage!

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Paul Gilham

Kern, Bonani, Roos, and Blidi Wreh-Wilson are all big football fans and all of them pull for the US of A, but they also support other teams like Germany and Brazil. I myself can understand that as I root for the USA, but also the Netherlands and Mexico because of family ties.

While he won't be calling the plays for the Titans, Jason Michael is putting his stamp on the offense.

Akeem Ayers and Zach Brown are getting a little bit of heat from Ken Whisenhunt who wants them to improve fairly drastically this coming year. So do I Ken. Get those two rolling and our defense could be near the top of the league very soon.

Who will be the Titans' number four receiver? My guess is it will be Michael Preston, but who knows. Maybe this staff doesn't want to win Supa Bowlz.

Quote of the Day: "Music is the soundtrack of your life." -Dick Clark