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Between The Posts: One And Done

Your nightly OT open thread!

A piece on listed some playoff teams that might be likely for a slip this coming season. They listed the Chiefs are primary among them with some compelling reasoning. I guess we'll see come week 1. Personally I see the Chiefs slipping as well, not a ton, but definitely a good amount. The loss of solid offensive line pieces and a defense that seemed to have been figured out by most at the end of the 2013 campaign do not bode well for them.

The Titans meanwhile will have a whole new scheme to throw at unsuspecting offenses this coming season under the guidance of Ray Horton, and with shots in the arm like Shawn Phillips.

World Cup Trophy defenders Spain were bounced from Brazil in a second consecutive schooling, this time at the hands of Chile. Plenty of goals this year thus far, and plenty of apparent parity as well.