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2014 NFL Draft: Zach Mettenberger Scouting Report

Did the Titans get a franchise QB in the sixth round?

The next great Titans QB?
The next great Titans QB?
Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Spor

Player Name: Zach Mettenberger

H/W: 6'5 224

Position: QB

School/Class: LSU/Redshirt Senior

Measurables: Did not work out due to injury

The Tape:

Texas A&M 2013

Alabama 2012 

 Georgia 2013


  • Size - Mettenberger is well built. He's a classic pocket passer. 6'4 and a strong frame as well. He can make all the throws with his impressive cannon arm strength. Can throw across his body with little effort. Possesses the strongest arm in the class.
  • Accuracy - He really improved on this area after being relatively scattershot in 2012. You can tell the difference in the Georgia tape. Mettenberger learned to time his passes better and realized that he doesn't need to throw the fastball on every throw.
  • Vision - It seemed like in 2012 that he relied on getting by on his arm strength alone. Not any longer. Under OC Cam Cameron in 2013, he learned how to see the whole field, make better pre snap reads of the defense, and when to throw the touch pass and when to unleash the rocket arm. Also constantly keeps his eyes up looking for a play instead of looking down and bracing for impact. Willing to take the hit in order to make the play happen.
  • Balance - He's very balanced in his throws even under duress and keeps his feet constantly moving in the right manner unlike Jay Cutler and his Steve Nash back foot layup impression. A good pocket awareness.


  • Character - Was relieved of his scholarship at the University of Georgia due to an unfortunate incident involving a female and busted for underage drinking at the same alleged incident. The positive thing is that he grew up and became more mature while at junior college and eventually at LSU.
  • Anyone got a sun dial? - He really needs to work on having a quicker release. It's almost Byron Leftwich slow. I would compare his tendency to hold onto the ball too long and trying to make something out of absolutely nothing to Big Ben.
  • Consistency - Is he an one hit wonder or did finally having competent offensive coaching at LSU help him? Still has a tendency to make the WTF are you doing throws into double and triple coverage, thinking he can get away with it due to superior receivers and arm strength. He won't get away with that in the NFL.
  • Athleticism - He isn't the greatest athlete in the world to begin with so after the ACL injury, how much will it slow him down? He's a throwback to the classic pocket passer in every sense.

Additional notes:

Mettenberger really improved in every facet of the game in 2013 after OC Cam Cameron arrived after being fired from the Ravens. This bodes well for him under a similarly offensive minded coaching staff under Ken Whisenhunt in Nashville. Although I do have some questions regarding the talent level of LSU's offense compared to his own skill set.


Yes I do like the pick. It's a potential franchise changing pick in the sixth round at Quarterback where the Titans have some questions that need answering. He won't compete right away but will take a "redshirt" year to recover from the knee injury and learn the system. Mettenberger will get a long look in 2015 should current starter Jake Locker get hurt again or fail to deliver on his immense promise. Yes I realize it is a controversial selection but it's only a sixth round pick and if he fails to meet expectations, there is little repercussion. If he manages to succeed, then the Titans got a massive steal.

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