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Tennessee Titans New Links: Belated Happy Fathers Day!

Your daily serving of Titans' linkage!

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Joe Murphy

To all the Dad's here on MCM, I wish you a belated Happy Fathers Day!

New Titan DaQuan Jones draws inspiration from his father, and information from the Titans' veterans. DaQuan can be really good, I have total faith in Horton to have his motor running full speed 100% of the time.

Whisenhunt and the Titans want LP field to return to its old rocking self. Hopefully that includes less of the visiting team's fans in the stadium.

Kendall Wright wants more big plays next year. I want that for him too.

Would Brandon Flowers fit with the Titans? I say yes for sure. The more good corners the better.

Ray Horton says that there have been very few mental mistakes thus far in training camp. That is extremely encouraging to hear.

Former Titan running back Rodney Thomas died at age 41. My thoughts and prayers are with his family.

Quote of the Day: "If I am nice enough to make you breakfast in bed, then I shouldn't have to deal with all this 'How'd you get in my house' crap" -Anonymous