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Tennessee Titans OTA latest

What news came out of the last OTAs that isn't being talked about.

Frederick Breedon

Nate Washington has been an outstanding value for the Titans. As a player in Pittsburgh he was second fiddle to other, bigger names, but as a Titan he has really come into his own.

What I (and most fans) love most about him is his toughness. Washington has played through injury after injury, despite the Titans front office shuffling through Offensive Coordinators like they were tissues. Now he has surprised me with another great attribute: an incredible work ethic.

During this time every year fans are inundated with news of players going through intense physical workouts and putting themselves through the ringer. However, the most impressive thing a player can do (in my eyes) is improve themselves from the shoulders up.

This quote from the Titans official website really impressed me (regarding Nate Washington):

Veteran receiver Nate Washington said he’s also taken a look at film from the rookie minicamp because he wanted to see what second-round pick Bishop Sankey

He went on to say:

"Watching the rookie camp film, he’s a lot faster than I thought he was and really surprised me," Washington said. "I’m excited about that opportunity to get that speed on the field, and he can do some stretching (of the field) with his ability to catch also."

That seems like he watched more than a cursory glance of Sankey. I love that despite all the talk this offseason, a new coaching staff and one year left on his contract, Washington is this deeply committed to the team.