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Tennessee Titans News Links: Avoiding Roaming Overages

Your daily serving of Titans' linkage!

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

Paul Kuharsky wonders just how much Locker should be allowed to run around. As running increases his chances of getting injured, something that has happened quite often thus far in his career.

PK also addresses the Jim Irsay problem, which is actually two-fold. The first prong of the problem is that Irsay is addicted to a substance, and the second problem is that he is not being held accountable, and isn't punished to the same level that players are.

The Titans cornerbacks are working on their backpedal and the depth of that backpedal. In a reoccurring theme the Titans battle between Coty Sensabaugh and Blidi Wreh-Wilson rages on.

If someone can link the Jim Wyatt story on Taylor Thompson's development in the comments, that would be wonderful as I do not have access to it. If TT makes the leap this year, it will go a long way in making our offense more dynamic.

Quote of the Day: "Form follows function." -Louis Sullivan