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The (Un)Drafteds: Receivers

Which receiver wins the battle to make it onto the 53?

Bob Levey

Welcome to a new series in which we will take a look at which UDFAs have the best shot of making the 53 man roster. First up is the receivers position in which the Titans desperately need to fill in the lower rungs of the depth chart. Originally, the Titans signed four receivers as UDFAs but only two remain after the other two dropped out due to injury. Which receiver will win the battle?

Player name: Jaz Reynolds

H/W: 6'2 201

School/Class: Oklahoma/Redshirt Senior

Measurables: 4.61 40, 35" vertical jump, 10'05" broad jump

The Tape:

2011-12 highlights


  • Body - Reynolds can go up and get it with a lot of balance, agility, and hands. He is a natural at catching the ball with his hands (as shown in the tape with all those one handed receptions). Possesses a good double move and counters the press with average ability.


  • Athleticism - There's a clear lack of it as you can see it takes him awhile to get going. He is more of a possession receiver and will need to stick to that role to have any chance to make it.
  • Immaturity - A lot of it. Suspended multiple times during his career (allegedly for many drug test failures). Also suspended for a tweet referencing a violent suicide on the University of Texas campus during the rivalry week in 2009. The tweet urged that Texas fans should commit suicide and followed it up by saying that UT fans shouldn't take him seriously because they might actually do it. Reinstated to the Sooners repeatedly. Showed contrition during 2013 season for his mistakes.


Well, in a word, NO. I do not want him anywhere near this roster given all the antics that have gone on in the past (i.e. Kenny Britt). Also he is not talented enough for the Titans to overlook his misgivings off the field. No matter how much contrition he shows, he doesn't deserve a roster spot, much less an invitation to training camp.

Player name: Derel Walker

H/W: 6'1 188

School/Class: Texas A&M/Senior

Measurables: 4.67 40, 37.5" vertical jump, 10'06" broad jump

The Tape:

2013 highlights


  • Athleticism - He isn't the fastest or quickest athlete out on the field but has just enough to get by with polished route running and a knack for finding open areas underneath the coverage. Great at adjusting his body and route to bail out his quarterback on many occasions (got a lot of work doing this with Johnny Football). Takes multiple defenders to get him down.


  • More raw than an entire block of sushi restaurants - A JUCO transfer who barely got onto the field in 2012 as a junior. Blew up in 2013 as the team's third leading receiver once A&M realized that there are other receivers not named Mike Evans on the team. He needs a lot of work but is willing to learn.


Yes. He has a shot to make it as the fifth wide receiver but needs a lot of coaching to get onto the field outside of special teams. There isn't much tape on him due to being a JUCO transfer and Manziel's tendency to target Evans frequently. If Walker can develop into at least a 4th or 5th option that Shawn Jefferson can coach up, then we found a gem.

Final verdict:

If the Titans were deciding between these two candidates to fill the fifth spot, I'd go with Walker because of the lack of off the field issues, unlike Reynolds. He seems like a guy that Coach Jefferson might take some time to develop into a reliable fifth option who won't blow you away but gets the job done. Walker doesn't have the typical height but he goes up and gets it. He could play the slot where he is most dangerous showing off his route running and fluid hips. With opposing defenses so focused on stopping our top 3, he sneaks onto the field as a slot weapon. I see him barely missing the 53 and getting to the practice squad to sit and learn in 2014, with a chance to compete in 2015.